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Terence was inspired by the work of Benjamin Libet who experiments to show that human beings don’t actually have free will in a way we usually regard it. In the experiment it was shown that our brains has already taken decision before they become available to our conscious thoughts. If you follow this idea a further why we cannot explain the way we feel or react to certain situations.

Ever had a“why on earth did I just do that” or “why do I feel like this when it’s not rational” moment?

The brain compares the input from all our senses in a continuous, rapid stream of information, and in doing so often takes decisions based on previously stored patterns of information. For example a fear or phobia may be the result of misinterpreted information the brain has stored from the first time you encountered a situation as a child.

Perhaps a relative or adult are you at the time reacted badly to seeing a spider, and your brain, which had no previous data relating to spiders classified the data from that situation as a threat. Every brain and compared to the stored data, and the outcome is a fear or a phobia of spiders.